The Work

Medical Training

Videos for eLearning in the HSE

In 2014, we started producing video content for the award winning eLearning company, Aurion Learning. This has included many videos for the HSE. Here’s a short sample of the some of the work we did at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, with admistrators, doctors, nurses and multi-disciplinary functions. These videos were shot with 2 cameras, both interview style and run and gun. We shoot fast, in a non-disruptive manner and this keeps costs as well as inconvenience to a minimum.

Children’s Education

Supplemental Edutainment Videos

This year, Quicksmart was commissioned to create 90 fun and educational songs for Folens’ forthcoming new Irish Language program for early Primary Schools. We are also recording and editing voice over for the interactive courseware. To add extra life to some of the songs and poems, we shot kids performing in front of a green screen in order to create fun videos supporting the learning.

NGO eLearning

Aurion Learning and Border Lives

Border Lives is an exciting storytelling project that has produced six short films, capturing people’s life and experience along the border region between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland during the years of ‘The Troubles’ and right up to the present day. As part of that, we were asked to film and produce videos to supprt the eLearning aspect of this project. You can see the finished result here.

Zoom In

Event Video

We spent the day filming the 4th Annual Executive PA, Secretary and Admin Forum in the Radisson Hotel Dublin. We created a 3 minute video for the event organiser, Zoom In, that they can use to promote future events as well as serving as a diary of the day's activities. This invovled one day filming onsite and 2 days editing to create a slick and fast moving promo.

From the Client

Thanks so much for the work on this…Looks great! Brilliant work!

Fiona Kelly, MD Zoom In

Education eBooks

Math for Schools

We just recently provided 1.5 million words of audio for online versions of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Go Math program for both Texas and California. Markup, audio recording & editing of over 8000 pdf pages & delivery of Alpha was achieved in 5 weeks.

From the Client

Just to say thanks for your efforts on this project with it’s compressed timelines … Quick turnaround on issues and your can do approach was extremely helpful.


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