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What is Green Screen?

We often get asked, ‘What exactly is Green Screen anyway?’ Green Screen involves filming the subject or object against a solid green or sometimes blue background. This enables us to replace this coloured background with anything else during post-production. We can then add graphics, text, videos and do some cool tricks. This short video shows what it is and what it can be used for. It’s a technique that has so many uses and is probably our most used format here at Quicksmart.



Location Shoots

Potential clients have sometimes said ‘Won’t a video shoot at the office be very disruptive, take a long time, involve a lot of equipment and be very expensive?’ This short video shows just how simple it is to set up a green screen shoot. The same set up holds up for an interview or training video on location. You’ll see just how compact our set up is using technology that is used by many film, TV and Advertisement producers around the world. This set up, and a 2 man crew, means we can shoot at nearly half the cost of traditional video production companies.



Illustrated Podcasts

We have just successfully completed 90 minutes worth of these podcasts for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the US’s largest schools publisher and they really love them. So much so, they want more of them. This format is pretty popular right now and came to the fore based on some releases by RSA Animate. The technique really ups the engagement factor and allows the viewer to far more fully absorb the material whether it be an address, a training piece, profressional development or presentation. There are some software generated versions of these around which frankly look pretty bad. We at Quicksmart use a very talented illustrator to create this format and film him drawing live.



Communications Promo

We have just successfully completed a promo for Mastercard’s Shop This!, used in corporate communciations. Quicksmart AV records the audio, takes supplied artwork and in 2 days we developed a motion graphics presentation that the client was extremely happy with. You might be surprised how inexpensive this service can be.

From the Client

Thanks so much for the work on this…Looks great! Brilliant work!

Mastercard Dublin Team

Education eBooks

Math for Schools

We just recently provided 1.5 million words of audio for online versions of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Go Math program for both Texas and California. Markup, audio recording & editing of over 8000 pdf pages & delivery of Alpha was achieved in 5 weeks.

From the Client

Just to say thanks for your efforts on this project with it’s compressed timelines … Quick turnaround on issues and your can do approach was extremely helpful.


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